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CostMinder™ Recipe Costing

Imagine a service that automatically warns you when the price of the fancy mushrooms in your most popular dish increases by 60%. Just think how much money you could save if you could be alerted whenever your food costs for a particular entre cross that "magic" food cost percentage we all manage by. OrderSmart delivers recipe/plate costing and item cost tracking that includes the revolutionary CostMinder feature.

CostMinder allows Chefs to accurately and automatically monitor menu item and recipe costs and be alerted if a customizable cost threshold is crossed. With this new feature, Chefs can determine whether market conditions have negatively impacted a particular menu item and be able to take appropriate action, before they even sell the dish. Since the OrderSmart system maintains all appropriate pricing and availability information, Chefs are relieved of the tedious process of having to manually enter data to keep it current. Chefs can mind their prices either through the recipe/plate costing feature or by simply setting a warning threshold at the item level. Using the item-level CostMinder - a Chef can either set a percentage increase e.g. 10% or a specific amount to be met in order to be notified.

Any item, not necessarily food, can be selected for price monitoring - whether you are currently purchasing it or not. The item-level CostMinder feature ensures that you will be notified the moment that a price changes beyond the parameters you set.

The Recipe Costing and Management Module also offers menu management options. These include elements such as allowing Chefs to make menu items and recipes active or inactive, so when menus get revised each season, old recipes can be archived in the system to be used or updated at a later date.

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