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Does the system have a commercial track record or will I end up being a "guinea pig"?
OrderSmart customers are not test case or charter members. OrderSmart has been up and running in Bay Area restaurants since July of 1999. More than $160 million in purchasing has been ordered through the system

Does the system vendor have a list of references I can talk to?
Yes. OrderSmart is currently operational in more than fifty Bay Area restaurants. We would be happy to supply a list of chefs, restaurateurs and caterers who can answer questions or concerns regarding our system

Does the system let me order 100% of the items I need from 100% of the suppliers I want to do business with?
Yes. OrderSmart is designed around the restaurant, not the vendor. We believe in giving our customers the freedom to choose the vendors they want to use. We maintain data for 100% of the vendors our customers want to do business with. No vendor is too small for the OrderSmart system.

Can I organize my order sheet by type, such as fish, meat, and produce instead of ordering by vendor?
Yes. OrderSmart offers ordering flexibility. You do not need to organize your order by vendor; you can organize your items by type, even if you order from several different vendors.

Does the system have a receiving component that lets me compare the price offered by the vendor to the actual price on the invoice?
Yes. OrderSmart allows you to reconcile in as much detail as you wish and because the system has been integrated with the most popular accounting packages used by restaurants, you can also drive your accounts payable files electronically. Apart from increased accuracy, this feature saves massive amounts of time by removing the need for GL (General Ledger) coding and double entry.

Does the system have an inventory component that allows me to link purchase prices to inventory sheets to automatically speed my inventory process?
Yes. With OrderSmart there is no more need to look to old invoices to keep your prices up to date. OrderSmart also allows you to assign values to prepared foods that you make rather than buy.

Can I carry out inventories by location and have the system automatically categorize the items be account groups for the bookkeeper?
Yes. Items in OrderSmart "know" what location and accounting groups they are part of and can be summarized accordingly.

Can I run reports on food costs as a percentage of food revenues, search past purchase orders, reconcile purchase orders to invoices, and see how much I'm saving on food costs?
Yes. OrderSmart will help you track your purchases daily and on a cumulative basis to give "real-time" operating information to restaurant managers.

How does OrderSmart's "Costminder" feature work?
With OrderSmart's Costminder feature chefs can track changes in costs at the item, recipe or plate level. At the item level, an alert is triggered once the price of the selected item increases by a user defined amount. For recipes and plate costs, OrderSmart automatically receives an alert when current market prices for recipes included in the dish cross that a pre-set threshold. If you are featuring an entree that includes ahi tuna and with a target food cost of 28% you can set an alert that will notify you the moment the total ingredient costs for that day rise above your user-specified value. You can then let the recipe and plate costing module calculate the price you need to charge to meet your target or update your recipe by substituting a less expensive ingredient.

How do OrderSmart's features compare to other inventory systems?
OrderSmart focuses on real time information rather than a more rigid perpetual inventory system. It automatically updates inventory prices each time you make a purchase. Walk-through sheets are automatically updated as products and specs are changed. The information is custom-organized to match your restaurant's unique menu and storage layout.

I can already buy from a couple of my vendors online. Why use OrderSmart?
OrderSmart is the only system that gives you a single ordering environment for 100% of your suppliers. The OrderSmart team takes responsibility for maintaining accurate pricing and availability information for ALL of your suppliers at whatever frequency those suppliers want the information to be updated.

How does OrderSmart's work in a multi-unit chain environment?
OrderSmart supports a "n-tier" hierarchies. This means that it can support multiple levels of organization from corporate, to regional, to individual stores. OrderSmart provides the ability for organizations to set purchasing specifications, vendor selections and recipes at, for example, a corporate level and have regions or stores enjoy the flexibility of ordering from local suppliers. System reports can be viewed by appropriate personnel at appropriate levels. Organizations wishing to operate a commissary can have their commissary act as both a vendor and purchaser - thereby gaining all the benefits of the OrderSmart system.

How does OrderSmart save time? I still have to figure and enter my orders.
Anything new takes a little time to learn. However, after a short time, our customers find that the system streamlines the ordering process. The additional time savings really begin to add up when the other back office modules are utilized. Walkthrough and inventory sheets are sequenced by the way the items are stored and inventory valuations can be performed by simply taking a count. The system automatically calculates the total inventory value with one mouse click. More important, OrderSmart improves communication and accuracy. In short, it vastly reduces time consuming errors and exceptions.

Do I have to change my business bank account and all my bank's automated transactions?
No. With OrderSmart you can keep your existing banking relationship.

Does the free DSL line offered by other companies allow me to view other websites or is it limited to selected sites.
Some companies that offer free DSL lines only allow you to connect to their sites.