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Big Returns on a Small Investment

With OrderSmart, Chefs and Restaurateurs can achieve substantial savings in time and money. Our system features powerful tools to assist in ordering, receiving, inventory, recipe costing, accounting integration and real-time reporting - everything you need to run a more efficient kitchen and business. OrderSmart is a software and service application delivered over the Internet that makes the daily hassle of transacting business and tracking orders from multiple suppliers fast, easy, and highly productive.

OrderSmart.com saves money by providing an easy and intuitive way to do comparison shopping for best prices, promotions and quantity breaks. The average restaurant can expect to see total food cost savings of 3 - 5% (specific areas such as produce can be much higher) simply through being presented with up-to-date pricing information on all their multi-vendor, regularly ordered items. Additional savings are achieved through improved efficiencies in receiving, inventory control and accurate report generation.

OrderSmart.com saves time by allowing Chefs to conduct only one inventory and ordering cycle instead of the usual 10 - 15 different phone orders to different vendors per day. Electronic integration to popular accounting packages such as QuickBooks, MAS 90, BusinessWorks and ACCPAC means that further dramatic time savings can be made through elimination of GL coding and double entry of accounts payables.

OrderSmart.com improves quality control by providing printable copies of orders automatically sorted by supplier - making delivery checking easier and more efficient. Accurate control of inventory and reporting on purchasing history combine to provide the Restaurateur with the tools they need to manage their business more cost effectively.

OrderSmart.com delivers peace of mind by recording purchasing intelligence and automating business processes so that the effects of personnel changes are minimized. All information is securely located within OrderSmart.com -- no need for backups within the restaurant.