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Achieving success in the foodservice industry is one thing. Sustaining it is another! That's why restaurants and caterers are turning to OrderSmart to help them win the food-cost war.

OrderSmart is an online system that enables chefs and restaurateurs to integrate purchasing and supply management with the needs of a kitchen production line. With OrderSmart, you can proactively monitor and manage supplies at substantially reduced time and cost - as well as deliver smart reporting and other powerful tools to maximize your profit potential - before it's too late!


  • More Power, flexibility and depth than any other online, restaurant-focused supply management system available today
  • Average food cost savings of 5%with some restaurants achieving more than 10%)
  • Real-time profit management through smart supply selection, ordering, receiving, inventory recipe costing, and reporting
  • An expert system captures your business knowledge and reduces reliance on key personnel
  • Updated pricing by your vendor


  • Order 100% of the items you need from 100% of your existing vendors
  • Choose items by best price, highest quality fastest delivery or current availability
  • Automatically generate purchase orders and transmit them electronically to multiple vendors with one click
  • Electronically receive goods and conduct smart inventories with items sequenced the way they are stored and at current market prices
  • Access a digital dashboard that alerts you if a dish on your menu is going to lose money before you even sell it
  • Automatically generate smart reports on food costs (by accounting group and down to the item level), cost savings, price history purchase order to invoice discrepancies, and ordering histories
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