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Smart Inventory

Capturing all purchasing information at the time of order means that inventory control becomes much easier. No more hunting through piles of invoices to find who supplied that can of olive oil and what price was paid. No more waiting until the end of the month before knowing whether food costs are in line.

The inventory control module makes it possible to conduct an inventory with items sequenced in the way they are actually stored, not alphabetically by accounting groups the way most chefs get their inventory lists today! Once the information on quantities is collected, OrderSmart can provide an instant inventory valuation, based on current vendor pricing for the specific item in inventory at the time that inventory was taken.

No more searching for the invoice that matches the item on the shelf, OrderSmart keeps track of current vendor prices. Now this information is available on the system without the need to refer to physical records. The system also allows you to group individual line items, add items that are not bought through the system, and assign a value and inventory prepped items such as crab cakes.

And because the system knows what you are buying, it will automatically add new items to the inventory list.

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