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Ever wonder if the prices you're being quoted are the ones that you're actually paying?

Ever wanted to be able to keep an accurate record of the discrepancies between the piece sizes you ordered for meat and fish and the piece sizes you actually received so that you can have a meaningful discussion with your supplier?

With OrderSmart's receiving module you can easily verify that the items you ordered are delivered and at the quoted price and quantity. You can also automatically create an online record that can be electronically transferred to your accounting system.

OrderSmart's receiving module allows you to capture the information at the purchase order and line item level. The system will automatically calculate the total discrepancy and allocate it to the correct accounting group. You can then run a PO to Invoice Discrepancy Report that provides accurate information by vendor or accounting group.

You can use OrderSmart to make an electronic record of all goods received - instead of writing on the invoice and then sending your batched invoices to your accountant, you can use the system to receive against your electronic purchase order. OrderSmart knows exactly what you ordered and from whom, and it also knows all the supplier item numbers - allowing you to quickly capture what really happened when the delivery arrived. This electronic record can batched at whatever frequency you normally send your invoices to the accounting department - except that from now on all the accountant has to do is to login to OrderSmart and download the information ready to load into their accounting package. Not only does this increase the accuracy of the information but it also completely removes the need for the accounting department to laboriously enter invoices into their system. After receiving with OrderSmart, the accountant simply needs to audit the batched information as it comes into their accounting system.

OrderSmart currently supports MAS90, SAP, QuickBooks, BusinessWorks and ACCPAC data formats - more are on their way!

Information is power; simply having the right information at your fingertips will simplify the process of conflict resolution. Vendor histories are stored for a full year on the OrderSmart system ensuring that you have access to your business information at any time and from anywhere.

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