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"I highly recommend OrderSmart which we have been using for at least 10 years (my records go back to 2001 and we were using you then). It is an amazing system. Not only do you save money, but you save a lot of time and it keeps you organized. I would never do my ordering any other way."

Margaret MacNiven, Buck's Restaurant in Woodside

"I looked at other systems but didn't find anything that filled the needs of the independent operator like OrderSmart. Just keeping track of vendors, pricing, and availability for the 450 items needed for the kitchen was a nightmare before this. With OrderSmart it's a snap, plus we get to buy at the best prices from 100% of the vendors with whom we already have a relationship!"
Toni Flier, executive chef Avenir Group

"I looked at other online ordering systems, but I like OrderSmart because it lets me order from the same vendors I've been doing business with for years. Sure, I like to know who has the best prices, but ultimately I want to buy from vendors I trust. We're a high-end restaurant. We can't afford to take chances."
Mike Fennelly, Chef/Owner Mike's On The Anvenue