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What is OrderSmart?

OrderSmart is a supply management system that restaurants and caterers use to more efficiently order products from their vendors and also to integrate purchasing to their internal business processes. For vendors, this means that your entire product catalog will be available to your customers online and LIVE which means that your customers' orders will now come to you more clearly, accurately and efficiently than ever before. You choose the method that works best for you for receiving orders (via Internet, email, fax, picking them up at your customer site or a combination of any of these methods). In addition, OrderSmart creates communication and business efficiencies for vendors and delivers promotional tools that will build your bottom line.

More than 400 vendor catalogs are currently active on the OrderSmart network because it's:

Your Catalog - You are in complete control of your catalog. No one but you will be able to maintain your availability and pricing. OrderSmart already has your LIVE online catalog that has been updated and maintained by you for the OrderSmart community. OrderSmart can open your catalog to any of your existing or new customers for the minimum and insignificant price of $1/login. Image that! $1 for unlimited PO's per month.
Valuable - For only $1/month ANY of your customers can have access to your LIVE online catalog that's offered 24 hours a day and seven days a week. No other online purchasing system can offer this to your customers.
Easy - Offer your already maintained catalog to all of your customers. We'll train you how to use the program in 5 easy steps and give you all the tools you'll need to get your customers ordering.
Flexible - OrderSmart provides that capability to capture unlimited price levels and availability for all types of customers. We deliver account specific setting because not all of your customers are the same and we know that. We also provide multiple channels to receive orders including e-files that can be uploaded into your inventory control system, email, or even the rudimentary fax machine. (Sorry, no voicemails!)
Secure - OrderSmart maintains the confidentiality of pricing and availability information. No other vendor can see your information and restaurants can not see each other's information.
Accurate - You receive clear and accurate orders. No more garbled voice mail orders at midnight or faxed "chicken scratch." Represent your products in the way and sequence you want.
Powerful, fast and LIVE! - Your customers will see the changes made to your catalog instantly! Logging in gives you the ability to update and analyze purchase histories in greater depth and speed than ever before.

OrderSmart provides tools that lower your cost and help build your bottom line through:

Direct Messaging - Communicate directly with your customers individually or in user-defined groups. You can be sure that they will see your important messages at the time it really counts when they are ready to place an order.
Promotions - You can create your own Smart Newsletters and upload them to OrderSmart.

Want more or have questions? We'd love to answer them! Get additional information or a personalized plan for your restaurant.